Saturday, October 23, 2010

Life is an adventure with many exciting twists and turns. Life has its many dangers; to love is to risk not being so in return, to hope is to sometimes to risk pain and to try to succeed can sometimes mean facing failure, but it's important to 'keep moving' towards your goals and dreams. In "The Catcher in the Rye" By J.D Salinger creates Holden Caulfield and gives him a personal journey. He is sixteen-year-old who narrators his journey during his three days in New York City. Holden's quest however is doomed to fail as he struggles to stay on path. Like Holden my personal journey has had many obstacles and detours till now however unlike Holden, I have attempted to stay on path to achieve my dreams. Many people admire Kemal Ataturk, for his journey which was a public one and significant in society as he made Turkey a republic.

Holden Caulfield is in a mental institution where he is recovering from a recent mental breakdown. Throughout the novel Holden is confronted with obstacles and interruptions in New York City. The novel commences with Holden explaining the events that led up to his mental breakdown. Holden had been asked to leave Pencey Prep, 'flunking' five out of six subjects. When his teacher Spencer makes Holden read his failing test essay "It certainly was a dirty trick". Holden has no aspiration, he is not concerned with his future "Do you feel absolutely no concern for your future?". Holden can't stay on path because he believes everyone is 'Phony'."I can't stand that stuff. It makes me crazy.It makes me depressed I go crazy". Since Holden is becoming an adult himself, he is unhappy with what he will represent its hard for Holden to overcome this so he devices a plan to become the Catcher in the Rye."I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff". This is belief that he can help protect other children from suffering as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Often this period is riddled with anxiety, confusion, depression and pain, that he himself suffered these issues. His dream of being a saver is unrealistic and this is why he fails. Holden must accept that every path is different one for each of us. Some more difficult this shows that this is a unrealistic dream for a perfect world.  Where children live pain free forever in childhood, this is doomed to fail. It is only when he accepts this, changes direction and goals in life he is able to move forward. When he is ready to leave the hospital one year later after his breakdown we assume he is ready for a new direction in his personal journey in life.

My personal journey has had many obstacles and detours in my short seventeen years. Like Holden I  see myself as a rebel and see the world as cruel place. When making the transition from primary school to high school I was faced with new surroundings and new people that I perceptive as "phony". I didn't want to conform into society so I rebelled with my presentation, being independent and  failing at school. Failing at school, intervened with my  passion of soccer. My dream was to making into the European league. My rebeling affected my dream for playing in the European league in Melbourne because my parent stopped paying for my training and ban me from playing. This hit me hard, when I had to give up my passion and force on my education. I blocked out my anger toward my parents and accepted defeat, unlike Holden I was able to overcome my view of the world by accepting that my action were to blame and accepting that the world is not perfect, with good thing in life comes hard work. As I look back, I see what I should have done to achieve my dream that is to stay on path and overcome the obstacles. As I'm in year 11 I pursue my new passion of Kickboxing and manager studying and leisure.

Mustafa Kemal Atatuk had a dream and vision for himself and the Turkish people. His dream was for Turkey to be a republic and this was a significant personal journey in society because it changed the way of life for many Turkish citizens. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was born in 1881 and died in 1938. His personal journey was bombarded with many obstacles and hazards,some he had overcame and some defeated him. Mustafa Kemal was a Turkish army officer,a revolutionary statesman, a writer, and a founder of the Republic of Turkey, as well as the first Turkish President. Mustafa Kemal became the outstanding front-line commander after correctly anticipating where the Allies would attack and holding his position until they retreated. Following the Battle of Gallipoli, Mustafa Kemal had a fulfilled his dream for Turkey; to become a republic. In June 1919, he and his close friends declared that the independence of the country. With this achievement came danger;Sheikh Said a Kurdish tribal leader protested the independence of Turkey. An obstacle errupted claiming to give Kurds freedom and opportunity to develop their own county. As a last resort, Mustafa Kemal was prepared to use military force regarding rebelling. With British assistance Kurdistan was defeated and couldn't stand. After the achievement of his goal, Ataturk's health was worsening in early 1938, while he was on a trip to Yalova, he suffered from a serious illness. He went to Istanbul for treatment, where he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver due to heavy alcohol consumption evidently Mustafa Kemal couldn't overcome it and this defeated him. Mustafa Kemal was only able to achieve his dream with his passionate nature and determination. Many Turkish people admire his journey and what he has done. We celebrate his achievements and the independence of Turkey on a special day.

Life has its many obstacles, detours, twists and turns but its important to work hard and stay on path. Holden failed to achieve his dream and goals because he was unable to stay on path through his dream was unrealistic. My personal journey still continues but I learnt that the journey tests how much you want to achieve your and with determination and solve reach your destination. Mustafa Kemal united a nation with his achievement and improved the way of life for many Turkish people. The journey is a test to determine your resolve and drive some has for their dream. To accomplish your aspiration its important to posses passion and desire.  

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